Serving Philadelphia's Best Coffee Since 1990

We are proud to continue serving Philadelphia as a family-run business for the last 30 years. Swing by one of our three locations and you'll be welcomed as a part of the family.

Company Evolution

We've been proudly serving Philadelphia's finest coffee since 1990.

Jeff Lincoln

Owner & Founder

Jeff Lincoln

Jeff was born and raised in Northern California, where he first discovered his love for coffee. The rest is history!

  • 1987

    An Idea Sparks

    Jeff Lincoln notices a small coffee bar while working in San Fransisco & falls in love with the idea.
  • 1988

    A Love Story

    Jeff meets Linda Passero, falls in love, and begins writing his coffee shop business plan.
  • 1990

    The Big Move

    Jeff finishes his MBA, moves to Philly, and opens his very first shop in the historic Suburban Station.
  • 1995

    News Spreads

    Passero's wins Philadelphia Magazine's "Best of Philly" in their blind tasting championship.
  • 2006

    A New Focus

    Jeff sells his five Passero's shops to Juan Valdez Cafe.
  • 2009

    Next Moves

    Jeff takes back two of his former locations re-entering the coffee business full-time.
  • 2013

    Roasting Begins

    Jeff and Frank, our Master Roaster, open a roasting facility in North Philadelphia.
  • 2014

    Grand Opening

    Passero's Chestnut Street location opens it's doors to Philly for the first time.
  • 2018

    Moving Up

    Passero's is selected as one of the top three Coffee Roasters in Philadelphia.
  • 2019

    Awards & Renovations

    Passero's is honored as one of Philadelphia's top 5 coffee shops on Yelp all whilst the Wanamaker shop is torn down, rebuilt, and reopened with all new features.
  • 2020

    New Beginnings

    Passero's opens a small coffee shop in our Philadelphia roasting facility, Suburban shop gets remodeled, and we begin wholesaling our beans!